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Our striking antique pieces are handcrafted throughout the 18th and 19th century. Our fabulous new home furnishings are a great fit for any style. Regardless of your taste being refined or relaxed, let the wisdom of our buyers influence and inspire you to create timeless interiors.
It is our passion which flows, our ideas that create, and it is our personal touch which is appreciated by our customers. Let the pursuit of your divine beauty senses indulge!
Every dining piece is sophisticated and carved to perfection. Not only will our pieces bring distinction to your home, we also have what it takes to make your guest feel their best.
We offer an array of fine accessories and accent pieces, decorative collectibles and one of a kind treasures. Each piece is chosen to accent every corner of a room and has a brilliant yet distinctive look.

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Ambiance Home Antiques and Interiors has been a family owned business for almost 20 years.

We specialize in 18th and 19th century fine quality antiques from France, Italy and throughout Europe, as well as embracing the American heritage of fine antiques and collectibles.

Ambiance Home Interiors has a custom-built showroom in the Houston, Texas area. We have expanded our business to offer a broad range of hand chosen antiques and accessories to the knowledgeable consumer of today.